Parking Rates
  • If you do not care to camp with us, we will still be offering parking on the property for $20 per day for each car.

Arrival Time
  • As always, continue to arrive early for the best parking places. We park each car in such a way that no one will be blocked in by other cars and everyone can have easy access to Speedway Boulevard.

  • On Saturday and Sunday mornings, we suggest you stay in the far left lane (coming from west to east toward the track) because the State Troopers will frequently direct all right lane traffic to turn right before you can get to our property. When you see our sign, begin changing to the right lane.

Access to Speedway Boulevard
  • Our land has long been a favorite parking spot for race fans who enjoy tailgating before the race and easy access to the Speedway Boulevard after the race. Many of our loyal parkers have told us that they used to wait hours just to get out of the Superspeedway parking lot before they discovered the secret of parking at Talladega RV Park.

  • There are some shaded spots available, but each space is first come, first served.